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… Tolkien’s own misadventures with his first automobile, purchased in 1932, were the source of some of Mr. Bliss’s escapades. Tolkien was known to accelerate across busy intersections crying out ‘Charge ‘em and they scatter!’ and once knocked down a stone wall during a family vacation.

Beyond The Hobbit, Janet Brennan Croft

I give you John “Road Rage” Tolkien

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every time I forget why Tolkien is my favorite imaginary grandpa, I come across something like this

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Walks over metro
Six thirty is afternoon?
Es la amistad.

Second breakfast Spanish style in celebration of Hobbit Day


"If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world."
Happy Hobbit Second Breakfast Day, friends! I’ll be working today and will not be able to celebrate at the precise appointed time but by Gandalf’s beard, there will be breakfast tonight.

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I forgot about it! I tried to watch on the legit website last week, but it wouldn't load... #spainproblems. I'll get looking for a link and try to watch it sooon! is it good?


It’s alright, I was mostly excited that Kristen Bell addressed the fact that Dick was a date-rape enabler

That is a very good thing. Ehhh, I might wait to watch it when I am back in the States if it’s not to die for. I’ve already watched the newest episodes of The Mindy Project and New Girl. Both had Frozen references but were soo not child appropriate haha

trying to find a language partner online and literally only men in their 30s and 40s are responding to my requests. where are the ladies at???

A wise traveler never despises his own country.
- Pamela Goldoni

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Letter from a professor:
"Do you know how eagles fly? They are too heavy to fly by just flapping their wings like other birds. Instead, they catch thermal updrafts and so they circle around as the warm air carries them higher and higher into the air. Then, after they get high enough, they leave the thermal updraft and soar…gliding without flapping their wings at all. Because of that, they can fly a huge distance without ever flapping their wings once. Eagles, strong as they are, cannot fly in their own strength. They must be carried."
"…they shall mount up on wings like eagles…"
| Isaiah 40:31 |

I know very little but have the curiosity of a giant. 
Our cultivation is constant like the globe that moves. 
Never to let loose the odds and ends, where the hidden curriculum creeps like the vine on a building or the hairs attached to my head. Heart in a flower, blooming.

Also, grateful for the chillness Sublime brings (at You Better Listen-Sublime)

Alice in Wonderland: The Queen’s Croquet Ground, Salvador Dali, 1969.